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Pop icon Melanie C., Nada Surf's Matthew Caws, and HipHop artist Rola are among the last confirmed speakers at this year's conference. Of course, they will also tell us about their experiences as artists during the Corona crisis. Michael Brill (CEO, D.LIVE) and Christoph Huber (Yourope) will talk about the situation of the industry as a whole. The 3-part series Data and Emotions, Data Is Power and Data and the Real Value Of Music will certainly be exciting, too. Read more about these and other recent additions to our programme below.

Katharina Gucinski
Project Manager Session Programme

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Melanie c. Meets steve blame

Reeperbahn Festival veteran Steve Blame talks with ANCHOR Award 2020 Jury member, Spice Girl and solo artist Melanie C. about her current projects.


Status quo deutschrap

How did the German rap scene react to the Black Lives Matter movement or the shootings in Hanau? Together with Niko BACKSPIN presenter Aminata Belli, singer Rola and journalist Fionn Birr talks about this and more.


Matthew Caws - Maybe This Weight Is A Gift

Matthew Caws is – amongst other things – the infamous lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of New York’s indie power rock outfit Nada Surf. Steve Blame talks to Matthew about his personal experience with the pandemic and how it might change the concert experience as we know it.


Standstill in the middleclass

The Corona crisis represents a turning point for the concert business, and is proving to be a tough nut to crack with social side effects. What options are available to players in the midfield of this industry and what is the situation regarding equal opportunities between large and small players?


How COVID-19 Is Affecting Film And Sync

Here we want to take a look at the current German film and sync industry and offer a perspective for the future. Milena Fessman and Erwin M. Schmidt will talk about how to manoeuvre and navigate (in film and sync) in the days of Corona.


Live streaming:
The new normal

One of the few growth markets for the industry are live streaming services and their events. But is this a real business or just symbolic action? We talk about the experiences and prospects of the live streaming market and ask whether this is only a temporary phenomenon or a new field of business.


Data and... 

In altogether three sessions innovation consult Helen Mayer will show interviews and talk live to data experts about all different sides of the big data business:
Data And Emotions, Data And The Real Value Of Music and Data Is Power.


VIdeo On Demand:
Lybia out loud

The purpose of this 10 minute video presentation will be to highlight the diversity of Libyan musical talents and to show how Candid Foundation is helping to support these individuals to grow as artists and to gain more visibility within Libya, throughout the Libyan diaspora and beyond.


Agents Agenda - Thinking Ahead 2020

The Corona crisis is changing the concert business. Crucial is the question regarding what will go down first: Artist fees or ticket prices? Terms and conditions for deals between agencies and promoters won't likely be the same as before. But are artists and their managers prepared for it?


Yourope: The Situation Of Festivals In Europe

As far as the news situation is concerned, the situation is clear. The festival season 2020 did not take place. A fiasco in more ways than one. But COVID-19 is not only a stress test for festivals. An assessment and appeal about what is needed now enabling that festivals can and will continue to exist in the future.


How To Produce A Carbon Neutral Album

This training session will be a practical guide on how you can record, create and release sustainably. Co-hosted by Wojtek’s manager Ania Kasperek.


Sustainability In The Live Industry

A discussion about the challenges in the live sector, and which organisations and individuals are leading the way with their green strategies.


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