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Training Day, our MusicBiz programme for beginners and (young) professionals on 19 September, also moves to the digital space this year. During the entire day we show you the variety of the music and entertainment industry. We cover current issues and red-hot topics and give an overview of different career paths and the industry’s manifold job fields. 

And our programme calls for your lively participation! From 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, we stream more than 20 exciting sessions in both the public and conference sections of our platform.
Tina Funk kicks off the day with an inspiring keynote interview, Stephan Thanscheidt reports on the festival business and Carsten Stricker on 25 years of music promotion. Anne Löhr talks about the productive handling of fears of the future and Charlotte Richter-Kiewning discusses sexism and discrimination in the agency world.

For ourselves, however, today is already super exciting: our streaming platform goes online tomorrow at 12:00 pm CET. From then on, all registered delegates can log in there and start putting together their programme. 

So, tune in!

Björn Döring
Curator Training Day Programme

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saturday is training day!

Traditionally the Training Day takes place on festival Saturday. Discover our highlights for this year below and don't miss out to look through all our programme points for 19 September.


How intelligent is the swarm?

All artistic power comes from the audience. The auditorium determines the stage. Collective creativity at best leads to something exciting and new, but it's impossible to control. And how can the artistic potential of the swarm be tapped at all?


#Zukunftsmusik - real virtual Diversity

Mathilda Adamik and Tim Zimmermann, Josi Hübner of Fridays For Future, concert manager Luanny Tiago, and crossover artist and cultural scientist Vlatka Alec enter into conversation with moderator Frank Sonder and producer Christian Ogrinz.


Summer must be loud

There are many symbolic images that illustrate the events of recent months and the state of the live entertainment industry. Stephan Thanscheidt, CEO of FKP Scorpio, will talk about this and also talk about FKP Scorpio as a provider of employment and training.


let's get it on(line)

The album production is finished - but how does the product end up in the digital streaming and download stores? In this beginner's session on digital music distribution, Kyra Freise and Theresa Stornowski will give detailed insights into the work and process of a digital music distributor. 


Hey cutie, wanna see my Goldnagel?

(Almost) unexpectedly the agency world was caught up in a loud debate about sexism and discrimination. There is a cultural or structural problem in the world of agencies. Therefore we're asking: Why does such a corporate or industry culture develop? And how do you actually get out of it?


Please do not ask questions about…

Carsten Stricker is the founder and managing director of PR agency Verstärker, which counts acts such as Oasis and Noel Gallagher, Patti Smith, The Prodigy, Pet Show Boys, and Arctic Monkeys among its clients. In his keynote interview he talks about his experiences from 25 years.


understand & Criticize germanrap

We talk about the trampling path, running the gauntlet, tightrope walking, which brings us onto the path of DeutschRap journalism. We also ask about the responsibility of DeutschRap and how political music journalism should be.


The fear of change

Tina Funk says of herself that she has never worked with a product before, but always with people only. An important sentence for a top manager who asserts herself in an industry full of product managers and casting stars.


Don't be afraid?

Being afraid is usually something you don't peddle in the music business. Corona has done us a favour in this respect: the industry is suddenly collectively in crisis and whether neurotics or not: everyone is scared somehow. So let's seize the opportunity, be afraid, and learn to deal with it.


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Our Digital Platform

This year you can experience Reeperbahn Festival Conference 2020 digitally all from the comfort of your sofa! For this, we have developed a digital platform that brings together all that makes out the conference which launches this weekend! It will be accessible with a ticket for Reeperbahn Festival Conference Digital which you can still purchase for €18.90 (+VAT and a sales fee). 

Reeperbahn Festival Website

Reeperbahn Festival Conference is organised by 
Inferno Events GmbH & Co. KG
Neuer Pferdemarkt 1, 20359 Hamburg / Germany
PhG: Inferno Events Verwaltungs GmbH, 
Gf: Alexander Schulz, Detlef Schwarte, HRB: 78130

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