F.l.t.r: Aku Naru (Artist), Christian Tjaben (IMJA), Helga Trüpel (Former Member European Parliament), Simon Heeger (2WEI Music), Timo Blunck (BLUT Hamburg), Marit Jäger (Nerdindustries), Ronny Krieger (Patreon Europe), Franziska Koletzki-Lauter (MiM - Mental health in Music)

Music is our Business

Dear reader,

during Reeperbahn Festival Conference 2020 the so-called Rooftop Channel streamed throughout the day and served as the conference's very own "breakfast television“. 

The interviews we did there cover a wide range of topics of our digital conference and give interesting, funny and personal insights into the music life of our guests including industry representatives like Stefan Thanscheidt (FKP Scorpio), Ronny Krieger (Patreon Europe), Timo Blunck (BLUT Hamburg), Marit Jäger (Nerdindustries) or artists like ANCHOR 2020 winner ÄTNA, Island's rising star Daði Freyr and musician, founder & activist Onejiru.

These and more are now available on the conference platform.

We wish you a lot of fun looking behind the scenes at digital Reeperbahn Festival Conference 2020. 

Sara Kelly-Husein & Jan Schipmann
Presenter Rooftop Channel

Photo: Martin Ullrich, Christopher Krätzmann / Hyperbole TV


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Even when there are no live sessions streaming, like our next Focus Session "Music, Marketing & DIY" on 16 February, you can browse through, watch and re-watch videos from the following categories:

  • Creative Tomorrow
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  • ...and more to come

Photo: Max Reckleben (Die Hebebühne), Stephan Thanscheidt (FKP Scorpio), Helga Trüpel (Former Member European Parliament), Harmke Heezen (High Road Stories), Franziska Koletzki-Lauter (MiM - Mental health in Music), Markus Johnson Castro & Carl Rasmussen (ANNEX)


Industry Interviews

How are club owners experiencing the pandemic? How do festival and concert production agencies adapt? What clever ideas are they coming up with to help themselves during these difficult times? Find out all this and more in these interviews!

A thing we heard

“As long as they [women] put their strength together, their voices are louder and they get seen with what they do.

Onejiru (Artist, DE) at Reeperbahn Festival Conference. 
Check out the full interview.


Artist interviews

Many artists who played at Reeperbahn Festival 2020 gave background information on their writing process, career, and how they've experienced our pandemic proof implementation. 


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Photo: Dario Dumancic

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