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Today we present to you the programme for the Focus Session “Music & Gaming - New Markets, New Dimensions“ on Tuesday, 16 March from 7 to 10 pm on our digital conference platform. We take a deep look into the existing relationships between games and music to explore new ways and ideas for the creative industries.

Please meet some big players in this field who are closing the gap between E-Sports, games and music industry: Ben Sumner (Multiple award-winning music supervisor for games), Stéphane Herve (Composer, producer, and arranger for Nintendo), Xavier Norindr (Executive Music Producer for Nintendo) and many more to discuss how Covid-19 affects the game industries and how the music industry nevertheless can stay fresh, sexy, and attractive.

We're especially excited to talk with two-time Grammy winning composer Christopher Tin (a.o. soundtrack for one of the most influential games of all time – CIVILIZATIONS IV) about his perspective as a composer on the current situation, and the future of games & music.

Christina Otto-Sauer & Oliver Welling
Curators Session Programme

Meet the host

Annette Gentz one of Germany’s premiere agents for film and stage music. Her company Annette Gentz / Music & Film Arts has been producing and supervising soundtracks for European and international productions for 10 years.

"Music & Gaming – New Markets, New Dimensions"

programme on 16 march


Photo: Ben Sumner

07:00 PM

New Markets, new dimensions

Multiple award-winning music supervisor for games Ben Sumner will give us a look behind the scenes and new insights into the interaction of pop culture industries which are opening new markets and new dimensions for us.


Photo: Stephane Hervé © Nassib Traboulsi,
Xavier Norindr © Stephane Hervé

07:20 PM

History of games and music: nintendo

Video game music has evolved over three decades from simple blips and bleeps into a genre of its own. Who could tell more about the development of this unique musical phenomenon than Stéphane Herve and Xavier Norindr.

07:50 PM

Promoting artists on twitch

Twitch enables creators to display their talent, connect with fans and turn their craft into a full-time job. But musicians are also using it to take fans behind the scenes and converse with creators directly. What unique opportunities exist on this platform? Experts share their perspectives.


Photo: Christopher Tin © Alfredo Chocano

08:20 PM

Composing for games with christopher tin

In this session, two-time Grammy Award Winner Christopher Tin will give a closer look at the rarefied, little-explored world of composing music for video games and share his observations about the current and future business.


Photo: Stephane Hervé © Nassib Traboulsi,
Xavier Norindr © Stephane Hervé,
Ben Sumner © Ben Sumner,
Christopher Tin © Alfredo Chocano

09:00 PM

The Future of music
and gaming 2030

In this section of the Focus Session all participants will give brief statements on the future vision of music and gaming.


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Photo: Dario Dumancic

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