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17 May 2021

Reeperbahn Festival International holds three-day virtual Conference with Music Biz in Nashville


In cooperation with Music Business Association (Music Biz), Reeperbahn Festival International organized networking events for 40 music industry members from 10 European countries and the music city Nashville from 10 to 12 May.

Together with Music Biz and supported by the Federal Foreign Office, Hamburg was, by way of virtual conference, able to provide valuable contacts and exciting insights into the heart of the US music and creative industries. The event’s main points of focus were music publishing and, naturally, the music city itself. Due to the pandemic, the event took place primarily in a digital / hybrid fashion on the digital Reeperbahn Festival Conference platform.

To kick things off, Merlin CEO Jeremy Sirota’s Monday keynote gave the delegates an overview regarding the global situation of independent music companies and their relevance in the foreseeable future. The matter was explored more deeply during the subsequent focus sessions, including the panels: “How the Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC) Works on a Global Scale” and “Digital Marketing Around the World: Shared Tactics from All Over”. 

Tuesday was characterized by digital company visits, during which decision-makers from the US companies Songfluencer, The Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC) and Big Machine Label Group opened their digital gates to the European delegation, providing valuable and exclusive insights into the inner workings of globally operating companies from Nashville.

The last day of the event focused matchmaking. In close cooperation with Music Biz, the Reeperbahn Festival International team curated a one-on-one meeting schedule between the US music industry representatives and each member of the European delegation, tailoring it to the goals and interests of the respective delegates. The intent of these digital ten-minute meetings was to give all participants the opportunity to directly interact with potential business partners from the USA.

The program was rounded off with a “Singer-Songwriter Camp for Female and Underrepresented Genders”, which was organized by Budde Music Publishing.


Alexander Schulz, CEO Reeperbahn Festival (Germany)

“Promoting international cultural exchange and giving in particular small and medium-sized members of the music industry access to new and relevant cultural markets - this is the goal we, as a central European music platform, have been pursuing since 2016 with our spin-off Reeperbahn Festival. The enthusiasm with which our Nashville programs were met indicates once again how important the Reeperbahn Festival International format, which we developed with the support of the Federal Foreign Office, has become, especially in light of the current circumstances. We thus provide delegates with an organizational and communicative umbrella and access to relevant members of our international network, which the delegates would often struggle to achieve on their own. On behalf of my entire team, I would like to thank our associates at Music Biz for the great teamwork.”


Portia Sabin, President Music Business Association (Nashville, Tenessee) 

"Music Biz prides itself on bringing together global decision-makers, enabling the creation of promising connections within the industry. We are grateful to our partners at Reeperbahn Festival International for their continued cooperation with us as they expand globally. We were unfortunately unable to meet physically at our last two Music Biz conferences. The event that Reeperbahn Festival International has organized has now created a virtual bridge between Nashville and the rest of the world, which has allowed our members to network in ways that were never possible before. We look forward to our next joint event - this time in person at Music Biz in Nashville in May 2022."


Statements of members of the Nashville delegation:

Amelia McCloskey, Founder & CEO AM Licensing (United Kingdom)

“It's been an honor to have been selected to take part in Reeperbahn Festival Nashville for the second year running. The panels have been really informative, and the Reeperbahn Festival International team have presented the conference in a really professional way, which is why it's always one of my favorites to be involved with! I'm excited to build new partnerships with Nashville music companies.”


Sara Beretta, Artist Manager Metatron (Italy)

“Taking part in the digital version of Reeperbahn Festival Nashville was an amazing opportunity to dive into one of the world’s most famous music cities, with a detailed insight on the business side. Despite the event being 100% online, its structure and the platform on which it was broadcasted were user-friendly, and it was quite easy to interact with the fellow delegation members, as well as ask questions to the speakers in real time. One of my personal highlights were the digital company visits, it was good to see pictures/videos of the actual offices and neighborhoods where they are located. It helps getting the vibe of the city! It was also good to chat a bit with other European delegates on Spatial Chat (very impressing software/app). Overall, I have to say that despite connecting only virtually, I was more than impressed with the work of the Reeperbahn Festival International team in making this event as ‘real’ as possible! I will definitely look forward to other opportunities like this one in the future.”


Nina Condron, Director Horus Music Limited & My Client Zone (United Kingdom)

“This year, we’re launching Horus Music Publishing, so I attended Reeperbahn Festival Nashville to learn more about the publishing industry in the US. I’ve participated in a few Reeperbahn Festival conferences before and through things such as the one-on-one matchmaking sessions always made some great connections that have helped push our business forward. From the events we’ve signed new label services clients and met with current DSP partners and label clients. The quality of the vetted matches, the speakers and European delegates is always top level, and I’d highly recommend it.” 


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