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Press Release
03 August 2021

Dear Media Representatives, Dear Colleagues,

The hugely positive response from everywhere to our press release with the updated information on Reeperbahn Festival 2021 has given us a real spur, and we're raring to go! We're delighted to finally be able to talk again today about what's on the menu of the upcoming 16th edition of our Reeperbahn Festival, with the music line-up rapidly taking shape, with details of over 40 newly confirmed acts included in today's announcement.
We know from the numerous enquiries we've had that the second part of today's press release is also of big interest to many of you: accreditation for all media representatives starts today. We look forward to welcoming you all! 

Frehn Hawel



Balbina, Jupiter Jones, Amilli and more than 40 other acts join festival line-up

While we’re of course thrilled that the 16th Reeperbahn Festival will take place larger than last year, it is a fact that international travel for bands and artists is still limited. That’s why this year the festival again mainly features acts from our neighbouring European countries. As last year more than proved though, this in no way takes the shine off what we’ve got on offer for you! 

Here are over 40 new names for the music line-up of Reeperbahn Festival 2021:

For over a decade and with three albums released so far, Balbina (GER) has shown how her pop music is versatile yet still unmistakable. On top of that, she’s also shown how to combine success as a self-taught artist and also as a label maker. She’s a true all-rounder, her voice is bursting with character — the pop world could do with more like her.

If they hadn’t already done so, Jupiter Jones (GER), with their ballad “Still”, have proven that rock music and emotionality belong together. And the band’s multi-layered sound has gained them a huge fan base, who, after the temporary split in 2018, can now celebrate its reunion with singer Nicholas Müller and Sascha Eigner.

ROTE MÜTZE RAPHI (GER)(photo) is a German rapper with Brazilian roots who has created a real online success story with her urban sound ranging between hip-hop and r’n’b and singles like “C’est la vie”, “Heute” and “Tag ein Tag aus”. An expectant audience awaits her debut album.

Gaddafi Gals (GER) represent welcome fresh blood on the German hip-hop scene. Their fully original sound concept skilfully sidesteps all the clichés, and still manages to appeal to all those who know them from the sick beats of their debut album, “Temple” — and that’s not going to change with their appearance at Reeperbahn Festival.

If, like Amilli (GER), you land the coveted 1LIVE Krone right at the start of your career and immediately make it onto the “Artists to Watch” lists of international tastemakers, then the young singer with an unmistakable flair for captivating melodies and an incredible soul voice just has to be heard: the future r’n’b sound of her debut single "Rarrri" and her latest EP "Pulling Punches" promise great things.

Laura Lee & the Jettes (GER) is the Berlin grunge gang featuring one half of garage rock duo GURR, with their sound mixing euphoria, teenage angst and killer melodies and never failing to blow everyone away when heard live.

Arp Frique (NDL), headed by Niels Nieuborg, is an irresistibly funky band revamping the seventies disco genre with fat synth sounds, Caribbean percussion and Latin American vibes in such an eye-popping style that you’ll happily let the retro time machine go by!

Other confirmed acts are:

Isolation Berlin (GER), Finn Ronsdorf (GER), Meskerem Mees (BEL), Layla (GER), The Clockworks (IRL), Famous (GBR), John Moods (GER), School Of Zuversicht (GER), Dead Star Talk (DNK), Annelie (NDL), The Hanged Man (SWE), Klebe (GER), SCHORL3 (GER), Drab City (DEU, GBR), Hania Rani & Dobrawa Czocher (POL), The Devil´s Trade (HUN), Bohemian Betyars (HUN), OSKA (AUT), shishi (LTU), viah (CZE), Jazzbois (HUN), Stöj Snak (DNK), Marí (DNK), Kollapse (DNK), Goss (DNK), Kian Soltani (GER), Alice Sara Ott (GER), Eugenia Post Meridiem (ITA), Bee Bee Sea (ITA), HÅN (ITA), The Castle (UKR), Fo Sho (ETH, UKR), Brew Berrymore (GER), COSBY (GER).


Accreditation for Reeperbahn Festival 2021 starts now!

All media representatives who would like to report on and from Reeperbahn Festival 2021 can now get accredited here. As in previous years, accreditation closes before the festival begins: this year the date is 6 September 2021.

As the official regulations for holding events in September 2021 are still not available, we unfortunately cannot yet give you any specific details on required hygiene rules and measures, etc. As soon as these have been outlined and made available to us, we will issue another press release containing all the important things you need to know. This probably will not be before the beginning of September — in the meantime please bear with us.

As usual, note the following points regarding your accreditation:

1.)  Full and specific accreditation

Please indicate the media you are requesting as precisely as possible in our accreditation form. Due to limited time available, we have no way of enquiring after imprecise accreditation requests. Basically, what we mean here is that any requests that are unclear cannot be considered in 2021.

2.)  Please plan your visit thoroughly in advance and coordinate internally within the editorial team

Although everything this year can be on a somewhat larger scale again, we ask you to plan the duration of your visit at the festival as accurately as possible and to agree in advance within the editorial team which of you is to report on Reeperbahn Festival 2021.

Ideally, you should agree on a maximum of two people per medium and a maximum stay of two festival days for these people.

3.)   Photo/film accreditations

We can provide you with photos and moving images free of charge on our media server via our own media productions.

If you still decide to send your own photographers/TV teams, one rule remains the same: you only need a separate photo/film pass if you want to shoot using professional equipment. Due to the anticipated demand, we ask for your understanding that we unfortunately cannot accept freelancers without a specific order for a medium.

Important: We expect to publish our schedule containing all programmes in the beginning of September. Please use this schedule for your planning and keep your equipment as mobile and light as possible.

4.)   Filming requests from TV teams

As in previous years, we ask you to contact us as soon as possible to let us know what the focus of your reporting will be this year. As always, please let us know what you would like to shoot so that we have a full picture of all shooting requests in good time and are able to schedule you accordingly. Please complete the accreditation form with all the information you have at this stage. The maximum number of people allowed per camera team is three. We know that you can’t give us the names of the camera and sound staff until shortly before the festival, so for now all we need is for you to use the form to apply for accreditation for the responsible editor plus two other people. 

5.)    Opening / ANCHOR

For the Reeperbahn Festival Opening on Wednesday, 22 September 2021 at Stage Operettenhaus, please decide in advance when filling out the accreditation form whether you would like to attend/photograph/film a) only the Red Carpet event, and/or b) the entire Opening Show. This enables us to reserve the right spots for you.
The same applies for the ANCHOR Award Show on Saturday, 25 September 2021 at St. Pauli Theater.

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