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Music is our Business 

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Lyor Cohen wants to make YouTube the leading generator of revenue for the music industry. We’re thrilled that he will use the Reeperbahn Festival Conference in September, to give the industry further insights into his plans.  

But for now, the next Reeperbahn Festival Focus Session takes place today on the topic: What the NFT?! Will cyberpunks revolutionise the music industry? Tune in here from 5pm!

In this newsletter you will also find information about the ARTS, WORD & FILM Programme, the categories of this year’s Helga! Festival Awards and the Focus Session on the future of music journalism on 2 September.     

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Focus Session today from 5pm 

In today's Focus Session What the NFT?! our experts explain which opportunities NFTs will open up for artists and rights holders in the future.

The session starts today at 5 pm on our Digital B2B Platform. 



New speakers & programme 


Lyor Cohen

Lyor Cohen is the Global Head of Music at YouTube and Google, and as such one of the most influential leaders in the world of music. He will explain to us how YouTube can and will be the best (new) friend for labels, artists, songwriters and authors. 



Modern Classic

How the genre of Modern Classic is facing the challenges of diversity and innovation, and how the award Opus Klassik is planning its relaunch, is answered by our speakers in this thematic focus on Modern Classic. 

Following the sessions, the OPUS KLASSIK invites you to a reception in the East Hotel. Innovative OPUS KLASSIK award winners will appear in the following Showcase at Bahnhof Pauli and will be awarded the coveted Classic Trophy.

The "No Angels" Content Alliance 

With the anniversary album of the No Angels, BMG succeeded in creating the most successful German reunion of the year. Feline Moje, Director Recorded Music GSA, explains to us how the team at BMG managed to place these treasures of their catalogue back into the hearts of the community. 


Compositions with something to say 

Award-winning composers Ilan Eshkeri (Perfect Planet, Still Alice, Stardust) and Rebekka Karijord (I am Greta) talk about their passion for creating music that matters and about Ilan's work on the concert event Space Station Earth together with the European Space Agency. 


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Focus Session: The Future of Music Journalism

The Focus Session on 2 Sep, will be dedicated to music journalism in Germany - its traditional strengths, the problems of the present days and new formats and trends. More information will be coming soon.  

Save the date!


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Arts, Word & Film  

Just about six weeks to go now before the 16th Reeperbahn Festival finally kicks off. Of course, there will also be our Arts, Word and Film Programme and this year, we have put together a unique selection programme highlights, putting on the connections between other creative disciplines and music in the spotlight. Artistic interpretations from creative fields such as photography, silkscreen art, theatre and dance performances, readings, live podcasts and independent films, give you plenty of food for thought on topical socia-political issues, portray future-based models of human coexistense, but will also be absolute eye and ear catchers. At venues such as the Arts Playground, the Thalia Theater, the Zeise Cinemas, the Messehallen and many more, programme events will again be showing you how closely linked current issues such as diversity and sustainability are with the topic of music.  
Events include: the exhibition including lightinstallation (IN)BETWEEN Musik & Graphics; Sibylle Berg’s musical social critique, GRM Brainfuck; Reeperbahn Festival’s collaboration with PHOTOPIA Hamburg; readings on the future of literary forms of our time; 31 + 1 declarations of love for live club culture, and the German premiere of The Sparks Brothers by director Edgar Wright. 


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Helga! Festival Award:
Apply now!

On 23 September 2021, the Helga! Festival Award will go into its eighth round at the Imperial Theater Hamburg. Festival organisers can now apply for 3 of the 5 selected pandemic-friendly categories. In addition, there will be the Public Choice Award, for festival fans to vote for their favourite festival in 2020/2021.

Best Festival (Public Choice Award), Festival Personality, Digital Festival Feeling, Most Productive Break, Most Flexible Thinking 


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Tickets available!

Reeperbahn Festival will take place from 22 – 25 September.  

Tickets can be purchased online at the Regular Rate for only €279 plus 19% VAT & sales fee. 

Sessions Only Regular Rate: €162 plus 19% VAT & sales fee 

Conference Platform Ticket: €59 plus 19% VAT & sales fee; access digital conference platform only

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