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Music is our Business 

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Our Focus Session on the future of music journalism in Germany starts today at 4pm. Tune in here!

Afterwards, we look forward to the Reeperbahn Festival in just under three weeks, which will be open to all vaccinated, recovered and tested guests. All details about the festival's schedule and implementation can be found in our FAQ section.

The line-up of topics and speakers at the conference continues to grow. Today we present some selected sessions on the topic of marketing

And a visit to the Future Playground will be exciting again. Learn more about the great partners who will be presenting sustainable solutions for the industry and society below. 
Using eBay as an example, Annika and Fraziska show why brand and music are a dream alliance on TikTok, and that the combination of hip hop and competitions is a 'match made in heaven'.

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Reminder Focus Session
2 September 

Today at 4 pm the Focus Session on the future of music journalism in Germany takes place. Tune in here! 

With a.o.: Christoph Lindemann (SWR), Anna Bühler-Brück (DLF Kultur), Jan Müller (Musiker, Tocotronic), Rene Martens (Grimme Preis Jury), Aida Baghernejad (Musikexpress, taz, tip berlin) oder Malcolm Ohanwe (BR). 


More Sessions & Speakers

Without marketing, very little works. We again have various sessions with great speakers on board who will help you to market artists more successfully.



How To Get Creative On TikTok

How do you achieve reach on Tiktok? When and how does a clip go viral?
Annika "Shawty" Manick explains what matters on TikTok and what creative agencies look for when creating a concept. Franziska Gregor explains how to contribute the right sound and creators on TikTok.


Instagram & WhatsApp: Best Cases

In cooperation with German Wahnsinn, Philipp und Keuntje and Facebook the Hamburg-based creative agency Mantikor is transforming the German cult audio play TKKG (acronym for the protagonists Tim, Karl, Klösschen and Gaby) into an interactive audio experience, catapulting the classic audio play into the 21st century with the help of interactive elements, a personalised WhatsApp group and a live-escape-room on twitch.tv.


Brands On Music: O2

In “Brands On Music: O2” the mobile service provider’s Head of Media, Sponsoring & Brand Analytics - Telefónica Germany, Hans Jordan, will give a deeper look at how they add music to O2’s marketing DNA in long-term and sustainable way.

Hans will explain how and why they built up a long term and lasting communication strategy with music at its core. 

Female Music Management 

Herbert Grönemeyer, Ton Steine Scherben, Sven Regener and Deichkind are just a few German artists who are managed by women. Is this the tip of the iceberg or are women also underrepresented in the artist management field?


 TikTok Trend Talk

Michael Kümmerle (Head of Music Operations Germany at TikTok Germany) will host a trend talk with Luna Siamo. Besides chatting about the latest success stories from every genre, the focus is on essential success factors and how artists and labels can implement them in practice.



 Transform Or Die 

Corona still holds the world in suspense. Corona destroys. But Corona also accelerates. Change is suddenly happening everywhere. Society, politics and the economy are changing at breathtaking speed. This is where the creative and cultural industries in particular are challenged to see the crisis as an opportunity and to take new innovative paths. To keep their own audience and to win new audiences. To create business-relevant synergies and cooperations. And to inspire, inspire and inspire other, perhaps less creative industries.



How To Master TikTok Live 

Dr Yasmina Banaszczuk (Head of Content Programming & Strategy at TikTok Germany) and Michael Kümmerle (Head of Music Operations at TikTok Germany) will give a deep dive into TikTok LIVE. They will share several best practices with innovative stories and technologies, explain how to set up a successful LIVE and organise the interaction with the audience.



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Future Playground

For all festival and conference visitors, we have brought the Future Playground to the Festival Village for the third year in a row. These intelligent, sustainable ideas and initiatives will be presented here this year. Play along! 

1. Music Declares Emergency - Tools & good practice examples "Sustainable Festivals" 
2. TINCON – Communication tools for climate facts 
3. BioEconomy Now! - mobile Escape Game for a sustainable society and economy 
4. Talking Tubes - Interactive installation on the communicative challenges of the debate on sustainability 
5. KlingKlangKlong - Immersive AI Sound Experience 
6. Aktionsnetzwerk Nachhaltigkeit - 11 theses for a Green Deal with culture 
7. Tutaka - Good Buy Container / Future Festival Procurement 
8. Esmeralda - on the tracks of your personal future 
9. Greenpeace  
10. KKKW Roadshow - a bus packed to the top with ideas 
11. Podcast Station – with Höme, Green Music Initiative, Fridays for Future, Scientists for Future u.v.m. 
12. Vision Domes - Geodesic Domes made from 100% upcycled materials 13. Körperfunkkollektiv - Perfomancemitmachkunst 
14. SDG Wall - this interactive Wall presents the 17 Sustainable Developmet Goals of the UN 
15. Urban Gardening 


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Tickets available!

Reeperbahn Festival will take place from 22 – 25 September.  

Tickets can be purchased online at the Regular Rate for only €279 plus 19% VAT & sales fee. 

Sessions Only Regular Rate: €162 plus 19% VAT & sales fee 

Conference Platform Ticket: €59 plus 19% VAT & sales fee; access digital conference platform only

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Single Focus Session Ticket: €10 plus 19% VAT & sales fee; access digital focus session only

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