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09 September 2021

Dear Media Partners, Dear Colleagues, 

the music line-up of Reeperbahn Festival continues to take shape. Today we can announce more than 80 newly confirmed acts, including top names from every conceivable genre, including songwriter and this year's ANCHOR judge Tom Odell (GBR), the reunited indie punks Muff Potter (GER), rapper Die P (GER), electro artist Robot Koch (GER), songwriter Anna Leone (SWE), pianist, composer and producer Lambert (GER) and soul queen Joy Denalane (GER).
Among the première outings at this year's Reeperbahn Festival is a special performance by Australian songwriter RY X (AUS) on two evenings, complete with choir and on-stage support from the Kaiser Quartet, as well as the live première of Francesco Wilking's brilliant Indie Italian-language pop project Crucchi Gang (GER) with numerous prominent guests.
As this year's Reeperbahn Festival partner country, South Korea presents its diverse music scene in collaboration with KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency) in the form of various sessions, networking events and nine selected acts. 
The exact venues and times are now available in our Festival Timetable

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Tom Odell, Muff Potter, Crucchi Gang, Die P, Robot Koch, Anna Leone, Lambert and more — over 80 new Acts

In just under two weeks’ time, the 16th Reeperbahn Festival opens, once again presenting an extensive concert line-up performing over four days at around 35 venues. And today we can announce over 80 new acts!
British songwriter and pianist Tom Odell (GBR) is on this year’s ANCHOR jury and is using the chance to at last perform live again at the festival.
Indie punk rockers Muff Potter (GER), led by singer and book author Thorsten “Nagel” Nagelschmidt, reunited for a handful of live performances at the end of 2018 after previously splitting in 2009. After releasing the single “Was willst du” in spring 2020, their appearance at this year’s Reeperbahn Festival could be another possible pointer to a permanent return... you never know.
Munich rapper Die P (GER) is considered a key new voice in German hip-hop, thanks to her sweeping raps delivered from an explicitly female perspective.
Multi-award-winning electronica producer Robot Koch (GER), known to many as the former member of Berlin electronic collective Jahcoozi, brings his moody soundscapes to the Reeperbahn, while songwriter Anna Leone (SWE) presents songs from her forthcoming debut album, and pianist and composer Lambert (GER) showcases the new sound cosmos of his current album, “False”.
Other highlights include performances by Joy Denalane (GER), Schmyt (GER), ÄTNA (Electronic Live Set) (GER) and anaiis (GBR). 

Also confirmed are the following new acts:

James BKS (FRA), Schlindwein (GER), Naima Joris (BEL), Taloula (FRA), Joplyn (GER), St. Arnaud (CAN), Discovery Zone (GER), Komfortrauschen (GER), Niklas Liepe (GER), Miesha and The Spanks (CAN), Ragnhild Hemsing (NOR), WHT?! (GER), Slow Down Molasses (CAN), Robert Neumann (GER), Roy Bianco & Die Abbrunzati Boys (GER), Mulay (GER), Blue Lab Beats (GBR), Bayuk (GER), Mia Morgan (GER), Some Sprouts (GER), Quarry (GBR), BLVTH (GER), YUKNO (AUT), Shelter Boy (GER), St. Lundi (GBR), nand (GER), Wezn (GER), LUWTEN (NLD), K.ZIA (GER), Awa Khiwe (GER/ZIM), Pool (GER), Dagobert (CHE), LUI HILL (GER), Keep Dancing Inc (FRA), Ava Vegas (GER), Joachim Franz Büchner Band (GER), TWO LANES (GER), STANOVSKY (GER), Blanks (NLD), Meredi (GER), Diana Goldberg (GER), The Cool Quest (NLD), Sebastian Knauer (GER), FLØRE (GER), Linus Bruhn (GER), LEOPOLD (GER), Atzur (AUT/ESP), Immortal Onion (POL), Shelly Phillips (GER), Kimmortal (CAN), The Entrepreneurs (DNK), Ydegirl (GER/DNK), The New Madness (GER), Kiveli Dörken (GER), Konvent (DNK), IUMA (GER), Lasse Matthiessen (GER/DNK), Latteo (ITA), FLEKS (AUT), Melting Palms (GER), auckland (GER), Rausch (.) (GER/POL/TUR), roosmarijn (NLD), Boddy (GER), TOCHTER (GER), Spoon & The Forkestra (GER), The Breakfast Club (FRA), Senn & Reich (CHE/GER), Adam Carpels (FRA), Thomas Meilstrup (GER/DNK), YN (FRA).


The Festival Timetable is online  

As Reeperbahn Festival 2021 is again taking place in accordance with special regulations, all attendees are advised to make the best possible preparations and to advance plan their evenings and itineraries, as well as alternatives. A good guide to all the events, venues and times on the agenda is provided by the Festival Timetable, available online from today.


RY X and Crucchi Gang with world premières at Reeperbahn Festival 2021 

It’s not just music industry professionals who are masters of the art of networking; many artist collaborations have already resulted from contacts made at festivals. The Reeperbahn Festival music line-up has always included performances of special works created specifically for a festival setting. The world premières show the huge range of opportunities that can arise when different artistic approaches cross paths.

This year, songwriter RY X (AUS) will present his songs, whose fragile confidence hit the perfect note for these times we’re living in, on two evenings (Friday, 24.09. + Saturday, 25.09.) at the Elbphilharmonie. Accompanied by the strings of the Kaiser Quartet, a six-person choir as well as producer Eric Price, with whom he recorded last year’s album “Unfurl”, this unique line-up adds another dimension to RY X's dreamy pop.

On Friday evening, initiator Francesco Wilking (singer with the band Die Höchste Eisenbahn) will present the live version of his acclaimed Crucchi Gang project (GER) for the first time in St. Michael’s Church, with German indie musicians performing Italian takes on their own songs on stage. Sven Regener (Element of Crime), Matthias Rhode (Von Wegen Lisbeth), Steiner & Madlaina and Tobias Bamborschke (Isolation Berlin) will join him in this evening performance.


Country Partnership 2021 South Korea — New partner Chicago

Whether technical innovation, culinary arts or culture: interest worldwide in South Korea is on the rise. This can be seen particularly in the huge international success of South Korean K-pop bands, whose fans rush to fill the biggest arenas in almost every corner of the globe. The fact that the country’s music scene has become a lot more diverse is seen in this year’s country focus on South Korea, which Reeperbahn Festival is implementing together with KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency). 

As well as South Korean artists such as rapper Bryn (KOR) and pop band Drippin (KOR) appearing at the Reeperbahn Festival Opening, a digital showcase will bring the country’s best current acts to Hamburg, at least in virtual format. From the psychedelic indie rock of Wedance (KOR), to the folky indie pop of CHIMMI (KOR), indie rock by Bosudongcooler (KOR), jazzy dream pop by singer-songwriter Kim Sawol (KOR), soulful  r‘n’b by THAMA (KOR), neo-psychedelic alternative rock by hyangni (KOR) or danceable electronica by Idiotape (KOR) – it’s definitely worth tuning in! 

Music business professionals will gain insights into how the South Korean music market functions and what its key characteristics are through several sessions in the conference programme. They’ll also have the opportunity for some focused networking with potential partners at a networking event.

The new Reeperbahn Festival partner Chicago is appearing for the first time, with its "Chicago Playground" in the Festival Village. Chicago has chosen Reeperbahn Festival to unveil innovative US concepts in culture and high tech for the young adults target group, as these areas are expected to form key pillars for the future of transatlantic relations. Besides the presentation of a musical act from the "Windy City", the focus is on the development potential of the international gaming scene. In a tent in the Festival Village, various e-sports tournaments will be held simultaneously between Hamburg and Chicago, with festival visitors also able to participate. The Chicago Playground will be accompanied by talks shedding light on issues such as diversity in the gaming scene. 

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